Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

There are instances where additional charges may apply…these are:

*Orders shipping to a PO Box
*Orders shipping outside the contiguous 48 States
*Orders shipping outside the United States

Order Processing:

Orders are processed within 24 hours. Orders will be held in processing if:

  1. Your requested shipping address is not the billing address or a pre-added secondary shipping address of your credit card. You can add a secondary shipping address to your credit card by calling the 1-800 number on the back of your card.
  2. Funds are not available on your credit card.
  3. During the checkout process, you selected check and we have not received your prepayment by mail.
  4. You have ordered equipment that requires truck shipping (see below) and displays “call for quote.” You will be required to approve a shipping quote prior to your order being processed.

Truck Shipping Charges:

Equipment items that require truck delivery do not qualify for our standard shipping policy. These items will display “call for quote” on the item page. Prior to ordering, you may contact customer service for a freight quote. If you order a truck shipment item without a quote, your order will be held in processing and you will be contacted with a shipping quote to approve. We offer the following truck shipping options:

  1. Dock Delivery – Customer’s facility has a loading dock. The freight carrier will deliver the equipment to customer’s dock. It is the customer’s responsibility to unload the equipment and bring into facility. Customer must make sure the facility is accessible by a 53′ long truck.
  2. Liftgate Delivery – Customer’s facility does not have a loading dock. Freight carrier will unload the equipment to ground level by a liftgate or ramp. It is then the customers’ responsibility to carry the equipment into the facility. Note: Freight carrier will not bring the equipment into the facility.
  3. Inside Delivery – Customer’s does not have a loading dock. Freight carrier will unload the equipment to ground level by a liftgate or ramp and bring into the inside the entrance level of your building. It is then the customers’ responsibility to carry the equipment into the facility and to the equipment’s destination room. Example: If the equipment’s destination room is on the 2nd floor of customer’s building, the freight carrier will deliver only to the entrance of the bottom floor. Customer will be required to bring up to the 2nd floor.
  4. White Glove Service – Freight carrier will deliver the equipment by liftgate or ramp and bring inside the facility. The freight carrier will then bring the equipment to the destination room regardless of what floor it is on. Once freight carrier delivers into destination room, they will remove skids and trash involved with the delivery. Note: Freight carrier is not responsible for putting accessories on equipment, leveling tables, programming equipment, putting on upholstery tops of tables or moving/removing old equipment.

Upon requesting White Glove Service, please let customer service know:

  1. What floor the equipment will be delivered to?
  2. Is there an elevator that can be used?
  3. Are there physical obstacles that will prevent delivery into entrance of facility or equipment destination room?

Not disclosing this information may prevent the trucking company from completing the delivery and you may be responsible for shipping charges, return shipping charges and restocking charges.


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